What businesses demand of their people today, and especially their leaders, are all the qualities of a regular meditator.  Adaptable, resilient, calm, clear thinking, creative, expanded awareness – to see and rapidly incorporate new ideas with the needs of the time.

Yet very few business leaders are regular meditators.  They strive to perform to their highest potential under constant pressure, from all quarters.  And whilst many now pay attention to their physical fitness and wellbeing, the benefits of meditation are yet to be realised.

There is much written about meditation, and mindfulness in particular.  To date, there are few case histories of the application of meditation in business, in relation to business purpose and the execution of strategy.

This represents new ground for differentiation in business and has enormous potential for a step change in performance.

manifestmylife has particular expertise in the area of Vedic Meditation and business.  We are uniquely equipped to bring Vedic Meditation and its many benefits to business.  Our approach is practical and pragmatic. 

As expert meditators, we began to practise whilst in leading roles in the corporate space.  We experienced first hand the profound benefits of this meditation, in a business context.

In addition, we empathise with the challenges incorporating a twice-daily practice into a hectic schedule of meetings, travel and high demands.

Today, we regularly teach business people who, at the outset, described themselves “too busy” to meditate.  Yet now consider their practice non-negotiable!

If you’re interested in how Vedic Meditation can benefit you and your business, let's have a conversation.  Connect with us here.