Vedic Meditation is taught, face-to-face, by a qualified teacher who will teach you how to meditate in a course consisting of a session a day, of up to 90 minutes, on four consecutive days.

Day One is one-hour, usually one on one with your teacher.  At this session you will receive your private mantra and the first teaching in how to meditate.

On the following three days you will receive further instruction in how to meditate, refined each day based on your particular experiences.  

You will learn about what is happening when you meditate, to your body and mind, and more specifics about the benefits and what you can expect as you continue to practice. 

There is plenty of opportunity for questions and interaction.  During these 90-minute sessions you will also meditate with your teacher.

This method of learning - on four consecutive days, in person, meditating with your teacher – works!

At the end of the course, you will be self sufficient and confident to continue your own practice.   You will have learned a lifetime skill and be equipped to meditate for the rest of your life.

Public courses are taught in small groups.   This ensures everyone receives individual instruction and attention. 

For those that prefer one on one learning, or who wish to learn at a time or venue that is more convenient for them, private courses are available.

In addition, we have particular expertise teaching Vedic Meditation in businesses.  Courses are run on site or at a suitable location.

If you’d like to find out more about learning Vedic Meditation, contact us here.

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