Vedic Meditation is easy, enjoyable and immediately beneficial.  This simple, effortless, eyes closed technique helps the mind switch off and the body gain profound levels of rest.  Up to 5 times deeper than the deepest sleep. 

From the very first meditation, accumulated tension, stress and fatigue begin to dissolve and a sense of rejuvenation is felt throughout mind and body.

This unwinding of stress and fatigue brings many benefits.  Meditators feel calmer and more alert.  Energy levels increase and levels of anxiety reduce.  Quality of sleep often improves and the amount of sleep needed is reduced. 

This meditation has an ancient heritage.  Coming from the Veda, the body of knowledge from India from which we have yoga, ayurveda and many Eastern philosophies.

It was developed for “householders”.  Those of us with busy lives, responsibilities and families.  Not for monks living in seclusion.  

There are no special conditions needed to practice Vedic Meditation.  No changes in lifestyle.  It is not connected to any religion.  It is practised by people around the world, from all walks of life. 

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