Like many great teachers, Melanie walks the path before us.  Her life is a “laboratory for authentic living”.  She is an expert in the process of transformation and personal development.  For decades she has followed a path of learning and sharing.

Melanie learned to meditate to raise her level of consciousness.  She wanted a practice from the same source as her extensive knowledge of yoga and ayurveda – based on the laws of Nature. 

She also wanted a practice that works with her life – actively engaged in the world.  Something sustainable and enjoyable!

In Vedic Meditation she discovered such a technique.  She found the benefits gained underpin everything about her life – higher energy levels, with less sleep; clearer, sharper thinking with radically reduced inner chatter; heightened perception from a base of inner calm, the beginnings of fearlessness.

Her own experience with this meditation is so profound; she was compelled to learn to teach. She spent two years studying with pre-eminent Vedic Master, Thom Knoles, including extensive time in India.

This is not an inward journey.  For over a decade thousands have benefitted from Melanie’s wisdom and guidance as an adviser and coach to business leaders, in Australia and internationally. 

In March 2015, Melanie re-located to Yorkshire, England.  From this new base, she continues to teach and mentor meditators around the world - privately and in businesses. In 2016 Melanie co-founded The Soft Road a platform for personal and cultural transformation. You can find out more here.

Melanie's regular blog about the journey of personal transformation has a global following. You can now read her latest Notes and Essays on The Soft Road Journal.



Neil is a meditation expert, a leader and mentor.  He combines a successful business career with a curiosity to gain knowledge through experience, journeying both geographically and spiritually.

Neil's regular Vedic Meditation practice improved all aspects of his life, including his work, his relationships and his health.  He feels more connected to the world around him.  

The benefits Neil experiences from his meditation practice are so profound and far-reaching, he knew he wanted to help others gain this knowledge and experience.

After two years of study with pre-eminent Vedic Master, Thom Knoles, Neil left his senior corporate role to spend extensive time in India and qualify as a Vedic Meditation teacher.

What makes Neil’s teaching and mentoring particularly powerful is his ability to make this enduring wisdom and practice relevant for today’s busy lives and high-pressure workplaces.

Neil knows meditation is a transformative practice.  Teaching people to meditate and inspiring them to practise, changes lives.  He is in demand as a teacher, both privately and in businesses.

In early 2015, Neil re-located to Yorkshire in the North of England where he continues to teach and mentor, in the UK, USA and Australia. In 2016 Neil co-founded The Soft Road a platform for personal and cultural transformation. You can find out more here.



The founders of manifestmylife, Melanie Kirkbride and Neil Kirkbride, are independent teachers of Vedic Meditation